Sersa Victory is a game designer and gamebook author specializing in dark fantasy deathtrap dungeons.


Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood

Solo Gamebook

Descend into an ancient Elvish tomb and find your place among a long-lost sisterhood of knights. The first in a series of solo adventure gamebooks for readers ages 8-12.


Trial of the Wolf Girls

Solo Gamebook

Enter the enchanted and eerie Forest of Masks to light the Torch of Queens and earn your very own magical wolf companion! A free mini-gamebook for readers ages 8–12.


The Coiled Crown

Solo Gamebook

A dark fantasy solo gamebook in which you explore in a ruined medieval world in search of an ancient queen's crown. Inspired by games like Dark Souls, Mortal Shell, and Blasphemous.


Necropolis of the Mailed Fist


A grim deathtrap dungeon featuring a scoring system, glory trials, and an optional Hell Mode for those seeking a more punishing experience. Join your sisters, venture into the Necropolis, and end the undead invasion.

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Chapel of Grief

Adventure—D&D 5E

Guide the New Queen and her devoted Sword, Torch, and Cross into the corroded Chapel of Grief to seek revenge on a false prophetess. A dark fantasy adventure module for 5th Edition.


Dungeon Design Essentials: Treasure

Online Course

Learn to create treasure and rewards that excite, entice, challenge, and inspire Game Masters and players! Part of the RPG Writer Workshop. The course is always open and you can take it at your own pace.

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Testament of Malice


Testament of Malice is a collection of 100 traps designed for use with any dark fantasy adventure roleplaying game. Featuring illustrations by Felicia Cano and Brandon Reinert and poetry by Erin Kelley.


Tomb of Mercy

Adventure—D&D 5E

The Tomb of Mercy was built centuries ago to house arks that would preserve the souls of humanity from a demonic invasion. Travel to the Wasted West, unseal the Tomb, and send the last ark safely on its journey.

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