Cover illustration by Teresa Guido.

Interior illustrations © 2015–2021 Dean Spencer.

Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood

Format: Paperback, 153 pages
Ages: 8–12

Find your place in the sisterhood

Deep beneath the swamp lies the tomb of the Everstar Knights: a long-lost band of Elvish women who swore to protect the sacred forests of their goddess. Armed with little more than a bow and the wisdom of your foremothers, YOU must enter the tomb in search of your destiny among the sisterhood.

Choose carefully, young half-elf, as your decisions will determine if you’re able to overcome the many tricks, traps, and monsters that haunt the ancient catacombs!

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“Sersa Victory is an expert at blending thoughtful, evocative prose with clever interactive storytelling. Fans of ‘pick your path’ fantasy stories will delight in this unique and immersive adventure about the lengths we go to, and the challenges we must overcome, to find a sense of belonging. Providing tender, haunting moments alongside scenes of heart-pumping adrenaline, Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood is a memorable dark fantasy literary experience that gives readers the best of what the genre has to offer: the ability to forge their own path.”

— Ashley Warren (Rime of the Frostmaiden, Uncaged)

“The older my daughter gets, the harder it can be to find activities for us to do together that don’t involve screens. At 9, this was her first encounter with a gamebook. We snuggled into bed, and she listened with rapt attention as I read through the introduction and we familiarized ourselves with the symbols used throughout the book. Knowing what choices could end our journey sooner gave her the courage to choose the most difficult path right out of the gate, much to my surprise. As our adventure continued into the catacombs, we had countless opportunities to suspend disbelief and lose ourselves in another world altogether. She loved telling me to re-read certain passages or talk through decisions with her. I loved being able to spend quality time with my kid and step back so that she could lead the way. Full disclosure: she fell asleep around midnight and I was too captivated to stop, so I continued on solo, determined to see my adventure to the heartwarming end. ‘I like that there are no right or wrong choices. I got to choose the type of adventure I wanted to have!’ - N, 9 years old”

— Chanie Mobley (Lulu review)

Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood is the first in a series of solo fantasy gamebooks filled with magic, mystery, and monsters. In this story, you play as a young half-elf adventurer. The choices you make determine if you succeed in your quest or if you are defeated by the denizens of the underworld.

What is a gamebook?

A gamebook is not like a regular book that you read cover to cover. Instead, a gamebook puts YOU in the role of the heroine!

At the end of each section, you’ll be given a choice of what to do or where to explore next. Depending on which choice you make, you’ll be asked to turn to a page somewhere else in the book. There is no single “right” path through the adventure that leads to the best ending. The Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood is a vast underground place. You’d have to read this book at least three times to see every area and find every treasure!

Many choices you make will lead to exciting new levels filled with wonder and danger. Other choices will reveal magical treasures you can use to overcome monsters, traps, and evil magic. Some choices, of course, will lead to the unhappy end of your adventure.

What is a dungeon crawl?

The adventure in this book is called a dungeon crawl. In these adventures, you play a heroine in a medieval fantasy world. This world is filled with strange magic, fearsome monsters of legend, and ancient relics left behind by your ancestors.

You’ll go down beneath the surface, making your way through dungeons. These are deep, dark places like crypts, caves, mazes, temples, and even entire underground cities.

Danger creeps around every corner. Monsters of all sorts — dragons, skeletons, slimes, beasts, and other mean things — hunt you from the shadows. Traps like spike pits, shooting darts, swinging blades, and magic symbols lie hidden. Even nature itself plots against you, with cave-ins, poison gas, and hissing lakes of fire blocking your way.

It’s worth it to brave the danger. If you’re careful, clever, and lucky enough, hoards of treasure await: piles of glittering gold and gems, forbidden spells, magical wands and potions, enchanted swords, and other rewards beyond imagination!