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The Coiled Crown

Release Date: January 8, 2021
Format: Deluxe full-color paperback, 157 pages

When the Carnophage came, not even the great queen’s invulnerable armored legions could turn back the scourge. Priestess and pauper, metalsmith and maiden ­— all fell ill to the plague that swept the halls of the Scorched Keep. Helpless to protect her people, the queen wept tears of charcoal.

Now only a world in ashes remains. Cold forests, towering ruins, abandoned shrines, and darkened stained glass windows stand as a silent memorial to a realm once lit by the queen’s holy bonfires.

Though brigands have picked clean the occult reliquaries of the queen and her sacred sisterhood, one elusive relic remains: the mythic Coiled Crown once worn by the queen herself. Claim the crown, adventurer, and with it a power beyond human imagination.

The Coiled Crown is a dark fantasy solo gamebook where you take on the role of an adventurer trapped in a ruined medieval world in search of an ancient queen’s crown. Inspired by games like Dark Souls, Mortal Shell, and Blasphemous, you’ll need to unearth the forgotten lore of haunted places like the Netherworld Forest, Scorched Keep, and Lost Catacombs in order to solve the adventure’s puzzles.

Instead of reading the book cover to cover, a gamebook presents you with choices at the end of each passage. Depending on which choice you make, you’ll be instructed to flip to a new page somewhere else in the book. There is no single correct path through the adventure.

Some choices lead you to important clues needed to solve the adventure’s many puzzles. Other choices might lead to magical treasures that protect you from the traps, tricks, and monsters that haunt the realm.

Many choices, of course, will lead to your gruesome demise.